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The Sweetness Of The Sweet Tea

Call it sweet tea, tea of the South or the famous iced tea – it is a very popular beverage throughout the United States and is slowly becoming famous in the rest of the western countries also. Well, the creators of this sweet and fantastic beverage are probably the Southern states of America but today, it is consumed and enjoyed by one and all – kids, teenagers, young adults, elders, seniors etc.!

Sweet Iced Tea

Sweet Tea – One of the most popular drink in United States.

Whether you have a baby shower, a sweet 16 birthday party, afternoon high tea ceremony, wedding, or even a girls’ afternoon – this iced tea or the sweet tea is refreshing and can be enjoyed by one and all.

In fact, it is so popular that many restaurant chains have come up with unique names like sweet tea McDonalds! What`s more – it is easy to make, easy to refrigerate, easy to serve and easy to store. Usually, when families make it for consumption, especially in the hot summer season, they make it in bulk so that throughout the day people can come, fetch a glass of iced tea and enjoy it. As the name suggests, it is cool or an “iced” tea and thus, usually enjoyed in the summer but well, for sweet tea lovers, winters, spring or autumn – they love it!

Well, for a great recipe, you may want to try this – take a gallon of water and start boiling it. Once you can see the bubbles, add around 8 tea bags. Usually black tea is preferred but you may want to be experiment and go wild! After the tea is brewing for around 7-8 minutes (you need to make this tea strong), add around 2 cups of sugar in it (yes, 2 cups, remember it is “sweet tea”). You may want to discard the tea bags at this time. This is also the stage when you might want to add a few springs of mint or any other flavor you want – maybe some lemon? Now, let the sugar dissolve completely, take it off the flame, fill it up in a big glass jar (do not use plastic, the hot water will ruin the plastic and make the tea toxic!). Let the beverage come to room temperature and then refrigerate! It is ready for consumption in a couple of hours. Many people add cubes of ice in the glass jar so that the mixture cools down faster!

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