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More About International Teas In The Hot Tea Month Of January

Let us celebrate the month of January as the hot month of the famous drink – The Tea! What with the New Year just starting, cozying up with a hot cup of tea and making many resolutions is a great kick start to a fantastic new year! Well, a new year also means new things so why stick to the basic black or white tea? Let this year surprise you with many exotic and different types of tea, which may actually be a common affair in some parts of the world.

Hot Tea

January – National Hot Tea Month

  • Bubble Tea – It is a very famous Asian tea preparation, especially loved by the Taiwanese people. It is more like a smoothie – milk, tapioca seeds and some fruit. These days, in the USA, many bubble tea shops have opened up and they serve a great selection of this tea
  • Masala Chai – Very popular tea in India. It can also be classified as an herbal tea because it is brewed with many Indian herbs and spices like cinnamon, ginger, cardamom etc. It is excellent in the winter season and boosts the immune system
  • Bata Bata – It originated in Japan and is made from the regular black tea. The unusual thing is the fact that is usually accompanied with fried tofu
  • Hong Kong Milk Tea – Just add condensed milk instead of regular milk or cream to black tea and enjoy the delicious flavor of this tea that originated in China
  • Thai Tea – It is made with black tea, powdered sugar, some spices and evaporated milk. It is popularly served as “Thai Iced Tea” (over ice) but can be served hot too
  • Cha Manao – It is a takeoff from the original Thai Tea. All you need to do is mix the same ingredients but substitute the evaporated milk with lime juice

Well, these are some examples of popular international teas. Try them at home or just sample them in some of the restaurants in your area – but do not miss out on some great flavors this month!

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