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Health Benefits of Herbal Tea

Whether you are shopping for tea online or walking down the aisles of your favorite super store, teas are everywhere. Some of us prefer black over white or iced tea over a herbal tea – bit most of us drink tea because of the superior flavor, super taste and fantastic aroma! But did you know some teas, especially Herbal Teas USA have medicinal and health benefits (if consumed regularly)?

• Most Asians believe in the power of including ginger in their food for health benefits. Well, this is true in case of ginger tea also. It does not only soothe a sore throat but helps and aids our digestive system. Just peel some ginger, crush it lightly, put it in your boiling tea, strain it and drink it!

• Are you perpetually popping mints to clear your breath of odors? Well, a better solution is to drink some peppermint tea. This herbal tea helps in cleansing your system too

• A lot of people suffer from regular cold and cough problems or have some kind of allergies. Try putting some thyme in your tea along with ginger. This combination is very good for clearing your nose and throat

• Did you know that parsley is a diuretic ingredient? This means that people, especially women, who tend to retain water in their bodies, should drink parsley infused tea. Of course, this herb is full of other good qualities too

• Chamomile tea is a great soothing agent – if you are feeling nervous or generally an anxious about anything. Chamomile has a calming effect on most people

• Valerian infused tea is also good to calm nerves and to put you to a good night`s sleep

Well, these are just some basic herbs and their qualities that can help us (both physically and emotionally) in numerous ways. The best part is the fact that it is easy to make. Just crush the required herbs and put it in a teapot. Brew it for some time, strain it and enjoy a hot cup of freshly brewed herb tea!
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  1. Chamomile tea is really a great tea. It is very safe and healthy tea.I love to drink this tea. All other teas suggested in this blog are really good and health.

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