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Green Tea Extract Benefits for Health and Beauty

Tea, today, probably is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Well, Coffee lovers will always argue with that fact but studies have shown a definite increase in the number of tea lovers across the world, over a period of time. In fact, people not only consume tea for its fresh flavor and aroma but these days, everything from curing insomnia to weight loss can be tea related. Whether you are drinking Black Tea or Green Tea or Chamomile Tea, there is surely a medical benefit and advantage attached to your consumption.

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is beneficial for Health and Beauty too because of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and Anti-bacterial activities.

Green Tea, by far, is the most popular tea when it comes to curing health ailments. Green Tea, if drunk freshly after brewing helps your overall health a lot. But with the advent of technology and science, “extracts” have been developed and concentrates have been formulated so as to benefit those who do not particularly drink several cups of Green Tea a day. Extracts and concentrates in the form of fragrances, candles, tablets etc. are very useful:

  • Green Tea and the antioxidants present in this concoction, prevents a body from many infections. We are prone to the common flu, cold etc. in this polluted atmosphere. Green Tea can help you prevent common infections to a large extent
  • It is also said to increase your metabolism. Have you heard that green tea is also linked with weight loss? Well, this is mainly because it increases metabolism and thus burning off those calories is faster
  • Helps in the filtration process inside the body. People who are suffering from liver problems are not able to perform bodily functions properly. Green Tea aids in the same
  • For all the women put there who suffer from blackheads, acne, pimples etc. Use a face wash and a clearing lotion which has green tea extract in it and see the magic
  • If your hair is giving you trouble, you probably need a green tea extract shampoo

Well, these are just some green tea extract benefits. These days the entire beauty and bath industry is based on this phenomenon! Use it properly and use it under proper guidance and see the benefits.

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