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Chamomile Tea – What is it?

Chamomile Tea is loved by one and all – the lovers who share it on a rainy day or a tired mother who relaxes with her tea cup at the end of the day or may be at a tea party in the afternoon! Chamomile is probably one of the most popular herbal teas in the world today and can be procured easily in all the supermarkets or if you are feeling a little more gourmet, order it online from the best suppliers of the world!

Chamomile Tea and its History

Chamomile Tea – A Tea to calm an upset stomach or to help with sleep

What is Chamomile?

Did you know that Chamomile comes from the Daisy plant and is an herb? Well, for centuries, tea makers have been growing this wonderful flower, drying it (or even fresh is fine!), crushing it and making wonderful tea out of it. Chamomile actually came into limelight because of its beautiful fragrance and the entire beauty industry has capitalized on that fact! It has certain oils which are excellent for your skin and generally for the entire body. Whether you are too red or nervous, whether you are anxious or exhausted or just have some rash, Chamomile has the necessary property to cure it all!

Can You Grow It?

The main question is can you grow this at home because many people like to plant their own herbs! Yes, both Roman and German Chamomile can be grown at home. Roman Chamomile is easy to grow – all you need to do is put it out in the sunshine and water it regularly. Pluck some flowers and enjoy the wonderful tea! But with the German variety, it is a little more difficult to grow because it requires attention and care. It is a creeper plant and thus needs some skill to plant it!

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