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Chamomile in Your Own Garden

Chamomile is one of the most popular and one of the most fragrant teas in the world! Drink it early in the morning to kick start your day or end your day with a cup of Chamomile to relax and rejuvenate your frayed nerves! Chamomile has a positive effect on and all and of course, the wonderful aroma, fragrance and the crisp taste is too good to be true!

But did you know that you can practically grow Chamomile in your own garden? Of course, buying it from a reputed manufacturer and supplier is the best option – someone like Adam Tea suppliers from Sri Lanka. Visit them at www.adamtea to browse through the wide range of teas available with them. But, the good news is that teas like Chamomile can be grown in your own backyard!

Chamomile Tea

Great Health Benefits with Chamomile Tea…

If the question is why so much emphasis on this wonderful tea – the answer is, it is not just a great flavorful and tasty beverage but is also very good for your health and has immense medicinal benefits!

  • Did you know one interesting fact about chamomile that if you spray this brewed tea on your other plants, it proves to be anti fungal!

  • Chamomile has some great properties that strengthens your immunity system

  • Chamomile tea also has anti bacterial qualities. Thus, one cup of Chamomile tea a day is great to keep you away from minor cough, flue, cold etc

  • It is great for skin too because it decreases inflammation. Thus, chamomile is great for cuts, minor burns, irritations etc

  • Most of us already know that chamomile tea is great to de stress a person and thus, many of us crave for a chamomile tea post a hectic day at work!

  • Many studies have shown that this tea, if consumed a couple of times a day, has some great anti diabetic qualities. Please do not add milk or sugar to this tea so that it s more healthy and prevents or decrease the risk of diabetes

  • This tea, surprisingly, is great for your health too. If you want to add some shine and add some glow, wash your hair with chamomile tea and see the magic

  • Lastly, one of the best things about this tea is that it is child safe!

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