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Green Tea Extract Benefits for Health and Beauty

Tea, today, probably is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Well, Coffee lovers will always argue with that fact but studies have shown a definite increase in the number of tea lovers across the world, over a period of time. In fact, people not only consume tea for its fresh flavor and [...]

Green Tea Blends

Drinking green tea is beneficial for lot of health reasons but did you know you can mix and match some other flavors to make it even more flavorful and tasty? Green Tea comes from the same tree as black tea but it is still very different. In fact, most teas come from the same tree [...]

Store Your Tea Properly

Tea lovers know the importance of storing and securing the tea properly. If you are passionate about your tea, the chances are, you select and buy it with utmost care and of course you want your tea (especially loose tea) to last long! Premium quality Tea and hand picked tea is a sign of a [...]